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Q What suburbs are you in?
A. We are all over the suburbs, FTT have a database of personal trainers and we find a trainer to your needs and that is close to you.

Q How do I get started?
A.  Firstly you must complete the pre exercise questionnaire which you can download in PDF format (click here) or you will it as part of our New Client Booking Form at  Once we receive your form FTT will then find a trainer for you. I takes between 3 to 5 days to get you started.

Q Can I train with a friend?
A.  Yes, we have many partners that train together and we have small group personal training of up to 4 people.

Q How much does it cost? 
A.  FTT have a brochure that can be downloaded from this website (click here) with all the prices, but please call the office for a complete run down of the prices.



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