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With FTT you get a ‘career professional’ instead of someone who thinks they know everything because they go to gym a lot.

Because we have so many trainers, once we know your needs… we search the database and find trainers whose skills & expertise closely matches your needs … that way you get a specialist, rather than a GP, so - in other words - you get more value for your money!

The CASUAL fee is $82.00, including GST, per hour-long session, but it gets cheaper if you take up a package, and our brochure outlines these [DOWNLOAD NOW].

You must fill out and return a pre exercise questionnaire before we can start working with you. If you can't read these files for any reason… just call us on 1300 36 88 52 or fax us on 1300 36 88 53 and we'll send you them by post or fax.

Key advantages of using Fit Too Travel trainers:

Only the best trainers join our ranks: We require proper qualifications, full insurance to $5M, registration with the Australian Fitness Accreditation Council and years of experience. (PLEASE, never risk an unskilled trainer - they are considered dangerous and could inadvertently hurt you or even cause permanent damage.)
You can change trainers whenever you like: Even the best trainer cant ‘click’ with everyone. So if your trainer doesn't ‘do it’ for you, you just phone us and we'll try someone new. It's also a good idea to change occasionally to get new approaches, new ideas, or just a new face for the sheer pleasure of another professional working for your best interests!
Our trainers enjoy ongoing, ‘state-of-the-art’ training: You benefit as they pass on this knowledge in their sessions with you!

Affordable Trainers for Everyone:

You decide whether its one session a month, or one each every day, FTT works to your budget - as well as any other needs - to make fitness an achievable reality! Many of our clients improve their self esteem, their energy levels and their social life as a result of having a FTT trainer. (Some have even reported improvements in their sex life!)

We genuinely hope you will give us the chance to deliver positive and fast results by helping you in your new training regime… just complete and return the enclosed questionnaire and we'll handle the rest!


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