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"Someone once said "Perfect Knowledge leads to perfect decisions"

Because FTT KNOWS the background of hundreds of its carefully selected team of trainers, it KNOWS the best SPECIALISTS IN YOUR SPORT.

The secret of success is finding you are trainer who knows the ropes, knows your sport and can prescribe exercises and diets that give you the cutting edge.

Skiing? Among our skiing trainers are people who are not only qualified Personal Trainers, but also Olympic Ski Team participants, overseas trained skiing coaches, ski instructors and skiing enthusiasts who have the experience and knowledge to write programs that are perfect for you.

Rugby? Group fitness professionals who have L1, L2 and even L3 coaching certification.

Net ball? Personal trainers and group fitness professionals who are also ex State and national competitors

Triathlon? Prize winners and record holders

Body sculpting/building competitions? People who have successfully trained themselves, and others, to win significant competitions and who are at the leading edge of training knowledge.

Equestrian. Dance. Fun runs. Swimming. Gymnastics.... even Scottish Highland Dancing!

With so many trainers we can find the right one for you - someone who can really make a difference."


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