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Consumer Personal Training:

Help people with fitness training.
Assist people to lose body fat and improve their quality of life.
To act with honesty, integrity, forethought and tact in all customer business and transactions.

Corporate Fitness Services:

To provide productive and beneficial services that genuinely offer positive return on investment win/win opportunities for our corporate clients.
To act in the best interests of the client first, so as to ensure a position of trust and loyalty.
To provide management expertise, diligence and andy core skills appropriate for the best interest of the company.

Business Management & Control:

To constantly review and improve all business processes.

Philosophical & Philanthropic:

To propagate public awareness of fitness and body fat control.
To ensure our customers are satisfied and content with the value for money and quality of our services.

People & Culture:

To give every person who works with us both work satisfaction and fair and equitable remuneration for their efforts.
To inspire an overpowering ethic of customer satisfaction as the most important priority.
To develop the best people in the industry - people who love their work and find fulfillment from pleasing and helping their clients above all else.

Business Relationships:

To nurture high quality and mutually beneficial relationships with businesses in the fitness, fat loss and travel industries.


To generate a fair and equitable return on investment to the owners of the business in line with normal business practice.


To conduct business in an ethical, honest and professional manner at all times.


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