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Fit Too Travel (FTT) provides golf fitness to individuals and groups of all ages. We also provide personal training for individuals and groups.

FTT’s accredited personal trainers with the golf fitness focus are mobile personal trainers and come to your home, golf club or school to complete the golf specific conditioning program.

It’s total fitness conditioning for golfers. The exercises train the exact muscles that are required to swing a club. This program is also designed to improve the motor functions associated with the golf swing. This motor learning or muscle memory is extremely important with the golf swing. To reproduce a proper swing every time will improve your golf.

FTT have introduced a referral system where the Club Professional highlights actual swing concerns and the accredited trainer can assist in training proper swing biomechanics. There are basic biomechanical swing faults, once these are identified the exercise remedy is easily addressed. In time the golfer will be more teachable from the golf fitness sessions. That means you get more out of your lessons with your PGA Teaching Professional.


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The program has 18 golf specific exercises that will address the six key components of the golf swing: the address, backswing, transition, downswing, impact and follow through. Ask your Club Professional if they would like to have this referral system in place at your club to help his/ her members benefit from the golf specific fitness training.

The program has the potential to benefit a wide variety of golfers. FTT have been able to assist in improving fitness with the trainee professional, pennant player, women and men club players. It has also helped junior players and beginners understand the swing basics of the game.

Seniors, in particular, benefit because of its emphasis on flexibility. The exercise program is designed to increase the player’s range of motion which translates into greater clubhead speed and the ability to hit the ball longer. Beginners can learn the proper biomechanics of the golf swing thus avoiding bad habits. Women through understanding how to load and unload with good transition will benefit from additional length.

FTT have delivered individual and group sessions in the golf club setting utilising club facilities for over seven years. The sessions are safe and in groups it is an action packed and fun. The women golfers love these group sessions.

This golf fitness program will improve your overall flexibility, muscle strength, tone and most importantly longevity, it will keep you on the course for longer!

Are you interested in TOTAL GOLF?
What is Total Golf? Total golf is an exciting new FTT product where a PGA Teaching Professional along with an accredited Physiotherapist analyse the golfer to recommend proper training to improve the swing and the physiological aspects. The client will be videoed at different angles completing the swing, they will also be taped completing different flexibility exercises. Both the Teaching Professional and Physiotherapist will review the tape and make recommendations to the golf fitness trainer addressing the concerns over a minimum 4 week period.

Intense training will commence over the 4 week period. If you are interested in Total Golf, please contact us.


"I knew Paul Lewis was into fitness and he approached me to consider golf fitness for my members. Paul explained the Swing Reaction System to me and I thought this can only help improve all golfers of all ages. I had Paul start with my Trainee professional and elite golfers, he also introduced group sessions for the ladies. Within no time everyone was benefiting, lowering scores and enjoying their game better. Every time I picked up the paper to look at the results another person attending the sessions had won! Some felt stronger, some more flexible and some understood their swing better which really helped me as these players were more teachable. We operate on a referral system where Paul works on the swing faults that I identify and it has really helped each player....Good work! ........"

Marty Lyne, PGA Teaching Professional


Casual Mobile personal trainer with the golf fitness focus   $77.00
Casual Mobile personal trainer with the golf fitness focus for 2 people   $104.50
Casual Mobile group trainer with the golf fitness focus for min. 6 people, max. 12 people.   $25.00 per head
can be completed at your
home or your local golf club
1 hour Golf Fitness Workshop with Paul Lewis at your local golf club.   $350.00
excluding travel costs and time
Casual mobile golf fitness session with Paul Lewis (Sydney metro only)   $90.00

All sessions are 1 hour in duration

Special sessions can be customized for groups or individuals, please enquire regarding your needs with the golf fitness sessions.

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If you would like more information about our Golf Fitness training or customized special sessions for groups or individuals please email us using the form below or phone 02 9674 9733

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