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Establsihed 1996, by 2000 FTT had achieved many milestones - the first true provider of corporate fitness services nationally, the first personal trainer agency to offer PT across all capital cities, development of a sophisticated people and program management software solution to allow FTT to manage unlimited numbers of clients and trainers accurately, appointment to the development of the Personal Trainers Council, membership of Fitness Australia, and many more.

In 2004 the business of FTT P/L was purchased by Paul Lewis and now is Paul’s Winning Team P/L T/as Fit Too Travel. Paul has 30 years in the fitness industry. Early on as a group trainer, sport and recreation officer in corporate health and fitness, senior corporate account manager and now the owner/ managing director of FTT. Paul recognises the importance of having elite personal trainers who are well qualified and experienced to get results for clients. Personlised customer service is an area Paul excels in wanting to ensure the client is happy with all parts of the business. Friendly happy trainers with the minimum of fuss and no concerns with account management. FTT have a great number of preferred trainers who are sourced dependant on the needs of the client. FTT excel in mobile personal training, group training, corporate health and fitness, residential fitness facility management, work conditioning and golf fitness.

In 2005 FTT were invited onto the first Australian Personal Trainers Round Table facilitated by Justin Tamsett. The goal of the Round Table is to network with other elite personal training business’ to ensure better business practices.


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