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OUR LOGO EXPLAINED -The hidden meaning revealed

Our logoThe FTT logo is symbolic of our core objectives and is a simple statement of our mission.

The ‘solid’ person in front is our client - representing the focus of who we are to serve.

The ‘shadow’ is the trainer, responding to the individual needs of our clients and as a function of the client's particular lifestyle , wants and desires.

The ‘star’ represents the goal that the client and the trainer mutually strive to achieve.

And the ‘circle’ represents the holistic approach to service, business and relationship making that includes the need for a ‘win-win’ relationship with our clients, and the need to address and balance home, work, leisure, pleasure, discipline and happiness to successfully achieve true life fulfillment for trainer and client alike.

Our Name Explained

Fit TOO Travel - with the double ‘o’ was originally meant to identify our fitness and fat loss holidays where we take people on ‘adventure’ style holidays that usually cause an incidental loss of body fat through both diet control and incidental activity.

Trips like a Nepal Trek to Everest Base Camp, hiking the Inca Trail in Peru, snow skiing holidays, etc.

While these have been limited, they offer trainers a working holiday and clients the opportunity to really shed some weight effectively while having a positive experience of a lifetime.


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