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For Personal Trainer Bookings

I may change my trainer at any time given a minimum of 24 hours notice, and/or may cancel my appointment at any time up to 24 hours prior to the appointment.

I understand that commitment is part of my training and accept that there is a 50% fee on cancellations with less that 24 hours up to six hours notice, and full fee if less than six hours notice of cancellation.

I understand that payment in advance is required to keep FIT TOO TRAVEL Personal Trainer costs low. I understand my FIT TOO TRAVEL trainer will only be available for appointments if payment is made prior to that appointment.

I understand that booking appointments with FIT TOO TRAVEL trainers is my authority to charge my credit card unless I expressly instruct FIT TOO TRAVEL otherwise.

I realise that participation in exercise carries some risk. I understand all the questions on this form and have answered them truthfully. I hereby certify that I am aware of no medical condition(except those already noted) that may increase my risk of illness or injury as a result of my participation in a regular exercise programme. I have read and understood this questionnaire and accept all risks associated with the undertaking of a fitness programme and hereby exempt, release and discharge FIT TOO TRAVEL and its employees, contractors, subcontractors or any associate companies for any injury, illness or adverse change in my medical condition or state of health arising directly or indirectly from any current or future training, rehabilitation or exercise programme recommended by or undertaken with FIT TOO TRAVEL and/or its employees, contractors, subcontractors or any associated companies.


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