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5 ways to squeeze the juice out of life...

...just one many excellent presentations available from FTT's team of skilled presenters.

Real fitness professionals with honed presentation skills
Experts selected to meet your topic target:
Stress management
Weight control & fat loss
Exercise for good health
Decent dietary habits
Lifestyle changes for better health
or just 'General Fitness' motivation and inspiration
Healthy lifestyle education seminars that are proven
Healthy lifestyle education seminars developed specifically for your organisation


Supercharge your teams with entertaining presentations that contain important information and some real content1
Get the message across with a disarming, enchanting and involving approach.
Make events & conventions a hit
Show your staff that you 'care' with presentations that target their lives at home as well as in the workplace

Quality speakers at realistic prices

Discuss your needs and your budgets with our call centre consultants
Appoint a presenter that will meet your budget but impress your socks off!

To download brochure CLICK HERE (31 KB)


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