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A Corporate Gym with Spice!

corporate gymsA corporate gym serviced by Fit Too Travel buzzes!

You get a team of commensurate professionals, hand picked for their superior skills, and perfectly matched to your work force profile.

Not one or two, but a suitably varied force that will appeal to the maximum number of employees in your workforce so that all the people are happy all of the time.

And because all of the FTT team are fresh and varied, they give much more energy and vitality to your staff that its infectiously motivating...

Watch your morale go up!
Watch your absenteeism go down!
Go the kind of utility your deserve from your investment in a corporate gym!
And get people going that you never thought would ever set foot inside the place!
Get younger and older trainers that empathise with your own workforce's age range.
Get experts from varied specialisations that satisfy more needs.
Get special event promotions such as executive hours, fat loss courses, fitness challenges.
Tap into the unique FTT Corporate Fitness Challenge© that reaches 100% of your workforce, your trade partners and even your shareholders!

Concept stage

Just as in any other discipline - your corporate well-being strategy need to reflect and compliment your corporate plan - matching your goals, objectives, needs and resources.

Start up Stage

Once commissioned, the success of the gym counts on the right budget, the right buying, the right systems, the right safety, the right service and the right administration, feedback and controls.

Ongoing function

Maximising ROI and productive use of the facility is vital to long term success.

Should we have one?

Alternatives, substitutes, needs analysis and option development.

Inside or Outside gym

Fit Too Travel has its own proprietary outdoor gym designs which can be modified and installed to suit spacious and suitable sites.

What equipment?

What will last?
Who will service it?
What will it be worth?
Hassle -free maintenance and minimum down time selection.
How long will it last?
Trade prices.

What service?

Instruction / safety screening / group classes / scheduling

What logistics?

Systems / policies / procedures / routines / rules & etiquette


First aid /emergency / action plans

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To download brochure CLICK HERE (60 KB)



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