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FTT Residential Gyms - How to sell for top $

Fact: Facilities and VALUE-ADDED utility sells property!
Fact: There is an growing social trend towards fitness.
Fact: Good gyms sell units in large property developments.

When Building & Planning a Development

Offer a serviced gym, at the price of an unmanned one (value of $750 p.a. to every resident).
Get better equipment, cheaper (save as much as $40,000).
Buy suitable equipment - that lasts maintenance free - avoid complaints.
Enjoy a FREE Project Manager to oversee gym matters - flooring, lighting, wiring, layout, etc (valued at $5,000)
Attract more sales of rentable investment units (Tenants justify higher rents for savings on gym memberships)
Create more saleable homes for owner-occupiers .

The service includes:

Placement of senior and highly skilled fitness professionals into the residential facility, who

Act in a friendly and professional advisory capacity to ensure everyone enjoys maximum satisfaction and enjoyment out of the gym.
Actively encourage gym etiquette and good manners, high levels of personal hygiene and courtesy at all times.
Assist and advise any one who appears to be in trouble or who is likely to be a danger to themselves of our gym participants.
Provide Personal training when commissioned to do so or communicate specific needs to the office to arrange suitable training for the resident concerned.
Provide an agreed number of hours of consultation to the facility, watch dog supervision and preventative maintenance.


Free start-up consultation, buying assistance, systems & policy.
Screening of all fitness trainers to ensure Public Liability cover.
Selection, appointment & supervision of fitness trainers inc. scheduling, replacement or substitution
Training cards, posters and other assorted stationery
Class instructors including aerobics, yoga, tai chi, aqua aerobics, tennis coaches, boxacise , etc.


To download brochure CLICK HERE (31 KB)


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